Corporate Finance

M&A: Europe to India

We support European companies looking for an Indian partner by helping them to search and identify the right counterpart and to develop industrial, financial, legal and fiscal analysis of the aggregation project. We help European entrepreneurs in the negotiation process with the Indian partner, by supervising all the transactional steps: from due diligence to closing, facing also the fund raising process in India.

M&A: India to Europe

With the support of our European banking network we provide advisory services in cross-border M&A operations, identifying potential target companies in Europe for Indian clients. We assist Indian companies in the negotiation process with European counterparts, by offering an operative support, whether in India or in Europe, in structuring, executing and closing of the deal.

Corporate Finance Operations in India

Taking advantage of our full-time presence in the Indian market and leveraging our corporate finance experience in Italy, we are in a unique position to assist the Indian companies in corporate finance operations like mergers and acquisitions in the country by supporting them from target partner research to negotiation to due diligence to closure.

Fund Raising: Short Term Financing

We bring with us a network of privileged relationships with the main Indian banking institutions (public and private) offering thus to European companies willing to enter the Indian market with an industrial or commercial activity the possibility to dialogue with the Indian banking system for the day to day operations (eg: opening of a bank account, factoring, stock financing, import/export financing).

Fund Raising: Medium to Long Term Financing

Our network of Indian banking institutions is in the position to offer medium to long term financing solutions consistent with a sustainable industrial development project.

Fund Raising: Risk Capital

Private equity or risk capital completes the range of financial solutions that we provide to European companies with businesses in India. Scouting India has an easy access to the main PE Houses and Firms in India, willing to support European Long term Investment Projects in the country.