Business Planning



BASIC transforms industrial plans developed by the management into a financial model integrating the equity and the financial flows structure, in order to evaluate the long term sustainability of the Indian Based Investment.


With PRO, in addition to what it is said above, taking advantage of the industrial and geographical experience of our partners, we do a sanity check on the sales hypothesis.

Business Plan


Basic development of a standard business plan of the Indian venture using the sales and costs hypothesis of the management (and/or their entry strategy consultants) to evaluate amount, timelines and return on investment.


Basic customized business plan based upon the provisional costs and revenues structure.


We improve the CUSTOM business plan and input and/or check on the sales hypothesis using our internal industrial and geographical expertise.

Complete Industrial Plan

Development of a complete and customized business plan of the Indian venture, including the sales and costs hypothesis elaborated with the assistance of our partners on the basis of their, industrial and geographical experience, delivering a complete analysis of the industrial and financial timelines and return of the Indian investment.